Bearing Systems

Every piece is precision-made to the finest possible material tolerances when Eurotech Benelux creates bearings, bushings and pins for large machines and mechanical systems. 

Because with us quality and reliability come as standard, your machines will run at peak performance. If you need a custom part, we will design it to match your specifications and outperform expectations.

By selecting the right material every time and bringing the latest production technology to bear, large bearings can be made in short runs at competitive prices. We control cooling rates to ensure optimum porosity and ideal lubrication. Our manufacturing process produces components in almost any shape and size up to the largest bushings and pins.

Popular applications include lock gate hinges, lifting gear, dredging equipment, and large industrial machine tools.

We can fine-tune component parameters to your exact specifications:

  • Material strength
  • Resistance to wear, pollution and corrosion
  • Low friction
  • Hardness
  • Operating temperature range
  • Tolerance of contaminated lubricants
  • Anti-seizing properties
  • Ductility and machinability

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