Modular Pontoons simplify deepwater access, even in the world’s most remote locations.

Designed for rapid installation around pile structures, pontoons can be put in place by crane, tug, or directly from a delivery vessel. Where possible they can also be designed for transport in standard containers.

From small landing stages to ore and bulk trans-shipment berths hundreds of metres long, every modular system can be fitted with integrated fender walls and mooring attachments. Optional shiphauling equipment can include winches, capstans and control consoles, and specially designed access walkways.

Our company’s rigorous design process leaves nothing to chance. Modules are linked by specially designed, quick-fit connectors that enable the entire structure to behave as a beam under mooring and berthing forces.

Integrated mooring points and fendering are isolated from flotation chambers to prevent leakage. UHMW-PE faced fender walls are neutrally buoyant, which means that no buoyancy trimming is required.

Eurotech Benelux offer a full programme of geotechnical analysis and calculation prior to the design stage so that pile systems are exactly right for the site. QMP Pontoons are quicker and far less expensive to build, install and maintain than traditional fixed deep-water berths. Works are much less disruptive to the surrounding environment than a full construction site. Installations can be temporary or permanent.

Our specialist technicians can supervise installation and train your staff to carry out routine inspections.

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