Energy dissipators

Our next-generation, floating Energy Dissipators protect your investments from accidental impacts and ramming. Designed to halt vessels considerably larger than speedboats or RIBs, they form a vital line of defence for bridges, dockyards, important vessels and waterside buildings.

QEDs absorb impact energy from massive or multiple impacts in sequence of precisely tuned braking stages. They are the lightest of the large energy absorbing systems. Our company has already built triple-QED booms that absorb impact energies up to 15MJ: the equivalent of four massive PMF fender systems.

QEDs can upgrade existing barriers to offer a new level of protection. They are also easy to install on their own as temporary or permanent defences. Large, modular arrays are possible.

Systems can be attached directly to piles, to buoys, or strung in booms between floating dolphin-mounted pontoons. For more information please visit the Bridge Impact Protection Systems page.

The standard ‘soft-case’ (SC) version safely encases its absorption system within a Flosys technology foam fender, or an array of interlocking rotationally moulded floating units. The ultra-rugged ‘hard-case’ (HC) has a robust steel casing mounted on dual steel flotation tanks. A range of finishes and colours are available for either version.

Our company will train your personnel to reset QED systems after event, or we can send out specialist technicians.

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