Castings & Forgings

We cast and forge products to the highest international quality standards and the most challenging customer specifications.

We can cast steel grades from unalloyed to high alloy for almost any application including sheaves and wheels, bearing blocks, and node castings. We cast cable sheaves, running wheels and gear wheels from 500 to 5000mm diameter.

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Our In-house workshop is equipped with latest CNC machines, some of which employ post-processors for converting CAM data. Before anything is shipped, our quality department subjects the castings to stringent dimensional inspection using our Metronor measurement system. Inspection may be carried out under customer supervision or with a third party inspection agency (including Bureau Veritas, ABS and Lloyds).

Design Technology

Our engineering department uses the most up-to-date tools, including 3D solid modelling and Finite Element Analysis software. Every casting is simulated before production using Experto Viewcast software to accurately calculate the heat transfer through 3D solid models during mould filling and solidification. This enables us to predict hot-spots and to optimize riser and feeder design. Our modern foundry is equipped with several induction furnaces, with capacities from 1,000kg melt up to 500 tonnes.

Sheaves and Wheels

Very large wheels for civils, offshore and dredging.

Bearing Blocks

Cast steel bearing blocks for heavy lifting applications.

Node Castings

High strength cast steel nodes for structural support.

Special Castings

Custom and one-off castings for every application


Our ability to cast and forge pieces is second to none, whether one-off or mass produced small or weighing hundreds of tonnes and many meters in size.