More Products

Our company is specialized in designing and manufacturing steel constructions, castings and forgings for a wide range of applications. Our production facility is fully equipped to manufacture steel constructions according to EN1090 EXC4 or equal, serving the high end markets worldwide.

Castings & Forgings

We cast and forge products to the highest international quality standards and the most challenging customer specifications.

Special Machinery

We design, produce and assembly large special machine parts to the closest tolerances.

Tension Structures

Our company designs and manufactures a series of tension structures like stay ropes, tie rods and tension bar systems

Floating Structures

We have created new floating barriers and pontoons that far surpass any traditional alternative.

Wind Turbine Foundations

We design and produce both standard and custom wind turbine foundation systems.

Dredging Equipment

We have created a complete line of highly efficient dredging tools.

Special Fabrications

We regularly create both small and large fabrications for many industries.