Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic Fenders are in a class of their own for strength, reliability and build quality.

The popular QPF Pneumatic Fenders are available in Chain Tyre Net and Sling types and two initial pressures. The QSR is heavily ribbed and approaches the strength of a Chain Tyre Net fender without the extra weight. QSF Submarine Fenders (also known as Hydropneumatic fenders) are designed to protect submerged hulls.

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QPF Pneumatic

The QPF Pneumatic sets the standard for durability and simple installation. Choose from many sizes, two initial pressures, and the option of chain tyre nets.

QSR Pneumatic Ribbed

The QSR Pneumatic fender’s ribbed design is as tough as a chain-tyre net pneumatic fender, yet very easy to maintain. Available in several colours.

QSF Hydropneumatic

QSF Hydropneumatic fenders protect submarines and other vessels that make contact below the waterline. They can be tuned for optimum performance.