Flosys Technology

Flosys foam fenders, barriers and buoys are made using the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry. A combination of existing methods and computer-controlled processes creates long-lasting fenders to a consistently high quality, in five performance grades and a full set of metric and US sizes.

4-Axis Filament Winding

Every foam fender is protected by a filament reinforced skin. The Flosys process uses three-dimensional CNC winding technology to control the tension, quantity, position and angle of each filament. The finished quality and consistency can not be matched by traditional manual or semi-automated methods.

Foam core wrapping

Computer controlled, dynamic tension adjustment ensures that foam layers are exact and uniform. Radiant heat elements create a strong bonds between layers. The process eliminates voids and gaps and lowers internal movement and wear. As a result, fenders perform better for longer.

Steel core

Every foam fender has a central steel tube to resist mooring loads and provide a stable, non-abrasive base for the foam body. The core tube is engineered to a precise length, is fully sealed and can include integral swivels or other terminations.

In-house testing

Fenders are routinely tested in-house to verify performance, recovery after prolonged compression’s, and durability under cyclic fatigue loads.