Foam Fenders

Our Foam Fenders use aerospace technology to create the strongest and most durable foam fenders available.

A precision made filament reinforced skin encloses and protects every marine fender. Closed cell foam cores come in hardness grades from low reaction to extra high energy. Advanced computer controlled thermo-lamination processes ensure a consistent performance and fast recovery after impacts. Fender end fittings are fully sealed to prevent the water filling issues that plague lesser foam fenders.

Thanks to the latest polyurethane formulations, almost any colour is possible from high-visibility orange to navy grey to brilliant white – all permanent and non-marking.

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Donut Fenders

Donut fenders are ideal for protecting locks, corners and berth entrances, and anywhere that ships warp along a berth.

QuayGuard Fenders

QuayGuard foam fenders perform better and are more rugged than anything else in their class.

Flosys Technology

Flosys foam fenders, barriers and buoys are made using the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry.