Element Fenders

Our QME Element Fenders are modular units with a highly efficient and versatile geometry. Its tried and tested design works at the heart of some of our company’s innovative marine fender designs.

QME Element Fenders have a long track record in berths and terminals handling all sizes of vessel. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically for optimum performance, either in pairs as V-Fenders or in larger arrays behind UHMW-PE panels. QME Elements have small footprints, which is why designers often prefer them when fixing area is restricted.

QME Element Fenders are available in a full range of compounds, in different shapes, and in sizes up to 1600mm high and 2000mm long. Along with the rest of Eurotech Benelux’ Rubber Fender range, the QME Element Fender has been awarded PIANC 2002 and ASTM F-2192-05 Type Approval.

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