Parallel Movement Fenders (PMF)

Our design team has engineered many hundreds of Parallel Movement Fenders (also called Parallel Motion Fenders, PMF), and now takes this technology into the latest 4th Generation PMF with improved geometries, bearing designs and materials.

Parallel Motion Fenders include a ‘non-tilt’ torsion arm mechanism that keeps the panel vertical at any impact level, but still allows free movement to cope with berthing angles. Parallel Motion Fenders provide very low reaction too – sometimes less than half that of a conventional design. Reduced load can mean lower construction costs, and smoother and faster vessel turnarounds.

Parallel Motion Fenders are custom designed for each marine application. Our  engineers consider normal and abnormal impacts, tides, line loads and UDLs, hull form, clearances and many other factors before recommending the best design for each case.

Please contact us to discuss your project in detail or download our fender catalogue.