Engineered Fenders

Engineered Fenders combine industry-changing designs and well proven components. Top-grade materials mean that each custom fendering and mooring design will survive the harshest environment and still work perfectly. 

Our engineers will incorporate very low reactions, tightly controlled deflection geometry, energy dissipation, and fast on-site construction and installation.

For assistance, please contact us, or download our fender catalogue.

Parallel Movement Fenders (PMF)

Our design team has engineered many hundreds of Parallel Movement fenders ( also referred to Parallel Motion Fenders), and now takes this technology into the latest 4th Generation PMF with improved geometries, bearing designs and materials.

Pivot Fenders

QuayQuip’s Pivot Fenders are an alternative to Parallel Movement Systems.

Flat Pack Ports

QuayQuip’s Flat Pack Port (FPP) concept solves many construction issues for remote locations, such as build speed and available cranage.