Vessels at ports all over the world moor on Eurotech Benelux marine bollards every hour of the day.

Our marine or mooring bollard range has developed over the last 25 years into a comprehensive choice of standard and custom units to suit every marine application in newly built berths or upgrades.

With a full range of models, sizes, materials and anchor patterns, we produce a mooring bollard for every marine or waterway application. Cast steel is the most popular material and comes with the option of Charpy testing for low temperature down to -40˚C. These marine bollards are also available in nodular (spheoidal graphite) or regular cast iron where this is still preferred.

All our marine bollards incorporate the high quality materials, rigorous testing and inspection needed for safe, reliable mooring.

For more information, please contact our office, or check our catalogue.

ETG Bollards

The unique three-lobed ETG bollard has better holding power than any comparable bollard, even at the highest line angles. Its broad trunk lowers mooring line stresses.

T-Head Bollards

Our T-Head Bollard is ideal for handling high line angles on multi-purpose berths.

K-Head Bollards

K-Head Bollards are used for applications with lower vertical line angles and only one line per bollard.

T-Horn Bollards

T-Horn Bollards are designed to hold multiple mooring lines from one or two vessels without the lines interfering.

Quad-Head Bollards

The Quad-Head Bollard is ideal for 360° horizontal mooring line angles.

Floating Bollards

Floating Bollards rise and fall with the water level in high tidal ranges and deep locks.

Recessed & Pin Bollards

Recessed and Pin type bollards are used for flush fitting, avoiding protrusions and hull damage.

Specialist Bollards

Our bollard range includes many specialist types. Do not hesitate to enquire for more details with one of our representatives.

Shiphauling Systems

We design and build a range of winches and capstans for warping and hauling vessels along berths.

Bollard Technology

We ensure that every bollard anchor is right for the job.