Bollards and steel fabrications for large monumental lock, the Netherlands

The Princess Beatrix Lock, the largest monumental inland waterway lock in the Netherlands, will be expanded after 77 years. Due to the increasing number of large ships passing through this lock, a third chamber will be constructed and the Lek Canal near Nieuwegein will be widened.

During the design phase QuayQuip was invited to develop a modified bollard type, which would be able to fit in the small prefab deck, but still be capable to reach the safe working load of 30t each.

Our design efforts led to QuayQuip being chosen to supply 70 Cap Bollards and 272 Recessed Bollards. All bollards are made of cast steel.

Shortly hereafter, QuayQuip also was awarded the contract to supply almost 1.4 km (total of 35 ton) of steel quay edge protection (called “Dekzerk” in Dutch). This was an exciting challenge for our Engineering Department, due to the bending needed both horizontally and vertically in the gate chamber and lock over many different sections.

Using both the overview drawings, as well as the detailed concrete drawings supplied by the client, QuayQuip could design a custom fit edge profile system to provide long lasting protection of the inner walls of the new build ship lock.

Because of our advanced approach with a full 3D build design; the client could take maximum advantage, as they simply upload the 3D model to their BIM approval cycle.  The QuayQuip production facility in Tianjin uses this 3D model in a paperless production flow from design to end product.


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