Johnson Street Bridge for the City of Victoria, Canada

The construction of a new central bridge for the City of Victoria, BC, Canada began in May 2013. The new Johnson Street Bridge (JSB) is a large self-supporting single-leaf bascule bridge, creating a new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

In 2016 QuayQuip was appointed to design and manufacture much of the elements for the span support structure. The span support structure, compromised of 2 slightly more than ½ ring measuring 25 meters in length based on a 16m radius, mounted on both side of the bridge, provide the necessary connection between the bridge and the mechanical components to open en close the bridge.

Starting with the initial design requirements, QuayQuip conducted both the preliminary design, structural calculations as well as the final design before going into production. Using a proven digital path during the design phase rolling into production, all products have been manufactured under an EN-1090 execution class 4 equivalent QA/QC program. Also, using the full in-house equipment potential, stepping through cutting, welding, stress relieving, machining and high endurance painting, QuayQuip finished the project within the envisioned timeline.

As part of the contract and to ensure the delivery within the dimensional tolerances, a full erection of each of the 2 span support ring was conducted, using purposely build jig support structures. While checking the final result using owned and calibrated 3D measuring equipment, the client witnessed this process enrolling in a satisfying commissioning of the goods manufactured.


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