PFS Fenders for Emergency Pontoon at Zeeland Seaport

A new rescue and emergency jetty has recently  been installed at the port of Flushing (Vlissingen), part of the Zeeland Seaport port authority. This  large installation, used for safety and rescue operations is a vital facility for every modern port.

The jetty is permanently accessible to police,  customs authorities and rescue squads in emergency situations. The construction is a mooring pontoon made of tubular piles and fully equipped with QuayQuip’s PFS side fenders. This mooring pontoon is approximately 380 meters in length.

QuayQuip PFS fenders consist of a resilient rubber body with a bonded UHMW-PE low friction cover.  They are  vulcanized by special methods to ensure a stronger and more reliable bond, more effective and efficient  than the use of  the outdated mechanical joint.


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