Large steelwork construction order for sliding fender support structures

The Netherlands has one of the busiest waterway networks in the world, and the vessels plying these extensive route require safe and reliable berthing facilities. The Dutch waterway network is managed and operated by the Rijkwaterstaat, who is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of this important infrastructure. As part of their remit to deliver constant improvement, the agency is tendering large maintenance projects on all important waterway networks, under a program called GOVa.

For one of the sections sited near the city of Den Bosch, Eurotech Benelux/QuayQuip is supplying a range of finished construction assemblies for the berthing dolphins, including platforms, steel supports for wooden fendering, safety ladders and a variety of other equipment.

The total amount of steelwork was in excess of 100 tonnes, and all manufactured and welded in compliance with EN 1090 execution class 2.


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