Wemyss Bay - Parallel Motion Fender - manufactured by QuayQuip

Historic Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal regenerated with Parallel Motion Fenders

The ferry terminal at Wemyss Bay in Scotland is over 100 years old and the part wooden structure had been in need of refurbishment. Berth owners CMAL awarded Quayquip with a significant contract to modernise the berthing and mooring structure to this vital ferry berth which connects the mainland to the Isle of Bute.

Given its age, the jetty structure had become load-sensitive, and the berthing and mooring forces could only be transmitted horizontally into the deck via new vertical piles which support the fenders. In combination with this, ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne laid down a requirement that all forces on the ship could only be transmitted through its vessels side beltings, without secondary hull contact.

There is only one solution for this: Parallel Motion Fenders (PMF). Quayquip designed and supplied 4 sets of QCN1100 Parallel Motion Fenders on the roundhead for vessel warping manoeuvers, 7 sets of QME750 PMF berthing and mooring fenders, and a single QCN600 PMF unit as a transition between the berth fenders and the roundhead.

The gaps between the main berth fenders were filled with 6 sets of secondary QCN500 Pivot fenders set back slightly behind the main fender line. This enabled greater protection during difficult berthing operations, but lessened the reaction forces as a consequence. All pivot fenders were installed on prefabricated jacket and waling systems grouted to the support piles, all designed and supplied by Quayquip and incorporating integral bollards and safety ladders.

The production time was limited as the berth was closed for a short window period whilst the civil works took place, and the berth had to be open in time for the start of the Easter holiday 2016. Quayquip was delighted to receive CMAL and their consultants to our factory in China during production for an inspection prior to shipment.


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