Panama wheels installed at the A12 Bascule bridge in Gouda - manuafactured by Eurotech Benelux

Panama wheels manufactured for bascule bridge in Gouda

Eurotech Benelux received an order for Panama wheels, and spring cylinders for the new A12 motorway bridge over the river Gouwe near Gouda, the Netherlands. This bascule bridge is one of the biggest bascule bridges in the Netherlands. It has a total length of 41 meters, a width of 24 meters, and a total weight of around 900t. These new motorway and bascule bridge are part of the expansion plans of the road network around the city of Gouda.

For this prestigious project, Eurotech Benelux has delivered two cast steel Panama wheels with an individual weight of almost 16 tons, and two spring cylinders weighing over 8 tons per piece. These Panama wheels, spring cylinders along with pinion wheels, and bearing house were installed spring, 2016. All products were casted, and manufactured in Eurotech Benelux’ factory in China.

The Panama wheels have a diameter of 4 meters, and are manufactured under EXC3 execution class according to EN-1090, and by strict ROK guidelines of the Dutch department of waterways (Rijkswaterstaat). Both materials and hardening were 3rd party inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas.


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