Cable sheave at Dockwerd Bridge - manufactured by Eurotech Benelux

Eurotech Benelux equips Dorkwerd Bridge with new Cable Sheaves

For some time, the Dorkwerd bridge in Groningen (The Netherlands) needed to be entirely replaced as the 80-year-old bridge was outdated and damaged because of two ships had sailed against the bridge in the recent years.

Already during the tender stage, the appointed consultant of Provincie Groningen contacted Eurotech Benelux in order to get the right design of the cable sheaves, the correct manufacturing and hardening process and the best cast steel material grades for this special casting assignment.

In the beginning of 2015, the contractor started his preparations for the new Dorkwerd bridge which would be located just near the old bridge. In April 2016, the vertical-lifting bridge was successfully put in place.

The extensive collaboration between Eurotech Benelux and the consultant resulted in eight new high graded cast steel cable sheaves which were manufactured and delivered by Eurotech Benelux.

All cable sheaves weigh over 6 tons each and have a diameter of 2.7 metres. Each sheave has hardened machined cable grooves for guidance of the lifting cables and are intensively inspected and tested according strict QA/QC protocols.


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