Berth Improvements at Port of Montreal

QuayQuip deliver QME Element Fenders & T-Head Bollards to the Port Of Montreal as part of the rehabilitation work to wharfs 101 and 102.

QuayQuip were engaged by renowned Québec contractor Excavation Loiselle Inc. (Divison : Ouvrages d’art) to supply the fenders and bollards.

The work at wharfs 101 and 102 are part of a series of improvements aimed at increasing berth depth at Sections 101, 102, 105 and 106 and extending the length of the berth at Section 102 by 40 metres in order to accommodate larger vessels.  QuayQuips QME Element Fenders & T-Head Bollards have been used at the berth 102 extension.

Initially specified with Element units 1250mmH x 2000mmL, QuayQuip were able to work closely with Excavation Loiselle in order to refine the design towards a more efficient but performance equalling Element Fender solution.  In all, 10 Sets of QuayQuip QME1250x1100 (D0+5) Element Fenders + panels and accessories were delivered.

Supply was complemented with 4 Sets of 750kN cast steel T-Head bollards + special M42 x 1550mmL chemical anchorages.

QuayQuip looks forward to future engagement with both Excavation Loiselle Inc and Port Of Montreal.


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