Equipment for Blaricummermeent ship lock

Eurotech Benelux has provided steel and cast steel quay equipment for a newly built ship lock at Blaricum in the Netherlands.

During the design stage we worked with the engineering firm BREIJN to calculate the ideal bollard and recessed bollard types for vessels mooring at the ship lock. We also designed the ladders and ladder brackets.

Eurotech Benelux selected 40kN RWS Recessed Bollards with removable breaking pins, which are commonly used in the ship locks of Rijkswaterstaat. The Type 112 bollards have a 50kN safe working load.

The ladders are equipped with two demountable ladder brackets and are each around 4.5m long. Every part was supplied with matching anchors and the most suitable surface treatment.

The work is a Design and Construction contract. Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw supervised the project. Testing was carried out in the autumn of 2011, and the the Blaricummermeent water-control structure and ship lock was complete by the end of 2011.


Blaricum, the Netherlands


  • RWS recessed bollards, 40kN working load, with removable breaking pins
  • Type 112 bollards, 50kN safe working load
  • Ladders with demountable ladder brackets, length approximately 4.5m each


Heijmans beton- en Waterbouw, Rosmalen, the Netherlands


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