Our company’s stringent quality system never compromises on safety. You can be sure of the highest quality product every time and at the best possible price.

Quality Assurance

Our company can provide a full Quality Management Plan when required by a project. This forms the basis for a comprehensive quality programme.

A typical Quality Management Plan includes:

  • General Arrangement (GA) drawings
  • Detailed shop and assembly drawings
  • Load capacity calculations and analyses
  • Installation, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Inspection and test plan (ITP)
  • Chemical analysis requirements
  • Corrosion protection inspection requirements
  • Dimensional ‘as built’ requirements
  • Visual inspection requirements
  • Welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • Welding procedure qualification (PQR) requirements
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) requirements
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT) requirements
  • Ultrasonic requirements

Quality Control

We provide a full and comprehensive QA/QC  package and we possess several prestigious industry certifications like PIANC 2002 and ASTM F 2192-05 test protocol. Additionally, our production facilities provide product specific documentation for their ISO certification.

Other certifications provided are:

    • Declaration of Compliance
    • Cast Mechanical & Chemical Certificate
    • Chain Assembly Proof load Certificate
    • Chain Assembly Proof load Certificate
    • Dimensional Certificate
    • HDG Dry Film Thickness Certificate
    • Cast MPI Certificate
    • Surface protection Dry Film Thickness Certificate
    • Surface protection Pull-Off Certificate
    • Steel Mechanical & Chemical Properties Certificate
    • Cast UT Certificate
    • Hydrostatic Pressure Test Certificate
    • Weld MPI Certificate
    • Rubber Break-Inn Single Deflection Certificate
    • Rubber Break-Inn Triple Deflection Certificate
    • Rubber Energy-Reaction Compliance Certificate
    • Rubber Fender Dimensional Certificate
    • Rubber Compound Analysis Certificate
    • Rubber Durability Certificate
    • Rubber Physical Properties Certificate
    • UHMW-PE Properties Certificate
    • Weld UT Certificate
    • Cast Visual Certificate
    • Weld Visual Certificate
    • Hardness Certificate
    • Welding Consumables Certificate
    • Rubber Visual Certificate
    • Paint X Cut Certificate